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And yet another article on whether Mangini is a good choice


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Mangini's decision isn't easy



(Original publication: January 15, 2006)

The Jets are scheduled to sit down with their chosen candidate today, and the smart money says they will get their man. Or boy. Eric Mangini turns 35 this week. Do you know any Alpha Males that young who would turn down a couple million bucks a year to run a professional football team in New York?

No, you don't. But like his boss and mentor, Bill Belichick, Mangini is a Wesleyan graduate, a smart guy, a former small-time college football player who knows how to keep his career chains moving downfield in the big-time business of the NFL.

Long before Denver took down the Patriots last night, Mangini hitched his fate to Belichick and Big Bill Parcells. He was an intern, then an assistant coach, then a defensive coordinator who became very much in demand. Mangini made it from semi-pro coach in Australia

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