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# Jets vs Browns -- Thurs Night Football -- The Official Game Thread #


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3 minutes ago, DLJ said:

Meanwhile they won’t let Darnold throw the ball downfield- treating him like a ******* baby

Mayfield off the bench throwing bombs

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Exactly. Baker is gonna go cuckoo in 2nd half. Bowles better tell Bates to open it up. This conservative bullsh*t is boring and senseless. They will lose this game unless Darnold starts cutting it loose.

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Just now, Tyler Durden said:

Darnold flat out sucked in that first half 

Had no time, did make some nice quick hit throws.Was running for his life. On one play Garrett was supposed to be blocked by a wideout who whiffed, lucky he's not banged up. 

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This is pretty comical.  The Browns with talent are still the Browns.  This is what truly atrocious coaching looks like...

They could easily be tied as they dropped a pick six and underthrew a td but end of the day they are guaranteed  to find a way to lose.

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1 minute ago, 14 in Green said:

You're the guy who loves the internet. It's the only place you'll ever talk like that to someone without getting your ass kicked. I guess you feel like a tough guy now, huh? You better get back to your room now and finish your homework though. 

You are funny.....still not very bright. I dont have to be tough, here or anywhere else but if you feel like you need your ass whipped my pm me I'll give you my address and you can come see if I get my ass kicked. I'm overdue, come shut me up big shot. I was talking about the OC and a dumb ass, now you want to sound like you are anything more than a fake arse internet gangster? You officially have my personal invitation to come see me. 

That's not what you want youngin......you want to watch football, tickle bates nuts and type mean words on your keyboard. Stick to what you do well son. 

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