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# Jets vs Browns -- Thurs Night Football -- The Official Game Thread #


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2 minutes ago, rammagen said:

there is no time with this crappy line to get the ball down field........when he is throwing he is not set he is running around for his life. They need to fix he oline next yr.

100000% agree on the line comment......still have concerns. I am totally kool with being wrong too. 

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The Browns OL is really terrible.  It’s not just our pass rush having a great night but multiple missed assignments on their part.  I’m pretty sure their rook is going to get clobbered in the second half and I prefer that Tyrod is out, bc he’s the only person capable of buying time on their team.

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15 minutes ago, jetspenguin said:

You are funny.....still not very bright. I dont have to be tough, here or anywhere else but if you feel like you need your ass whipped my pm me I'll give you my address and you can come see if I get my ass kicked. I'm overdue, come shut me up big shot. I was talking about the OC and a dumb ass, now you want to sound like you are anything more than a fake arse internet gangster? You officially have my personal invitation to come see me. 

That's not what you want youngin......you want to watch football, tickle bates nuts and type mean words on your keyboard. Stick to what you do well son. 

LOL You're very well spoken. Go back and read your posts. Who's acting like the tough guy? BTW, this "youngin" has been around over 60 years. G'nite 

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