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# Jets vs Browns -- Thurs Night Football -- The Official Game Thread #

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The Jets will get back in the winning column in front of a national audience for the 2nd time in 3 games.  Baker Mayfield will watch from the sidelines as Sam Darnold throws for over 300 yards for the

I think it’s more like he’s trying to protect his young QB. The OL is being dominated on pass plays. 

FGs won’t be enough. Bowles stamping his puss on this game

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1 minute ago, Smashmouth said:

and threw it to Robbie Anderson who looked lost rather than at the very least trying to become a defender.

 That was not the time to throw to Robbie in triple coverage. Lol. Robbie had advantageous matchups that we missed and when he did get the call he fumbled 

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It sucks so much. We knew this team would struggle but had hope that they wouldn’t be a sloppy, penalty ridden, undisciplined mess. That’s on the coaching staff. No adjustments on D. I said, let’s give it a few games and give Bowles a fair chance to try and see the other side that wanted to give him a chance but it’s looking bleak.

I just don’t trust him. Getting rid of Morton was so bizarre because he’s the only reason we got by last year. Now we are in danger of ruining Sam. I don’t even know anymore but I just want some fresh faces running this team. It’s still early but it was also early with players like Hackenturd, Stewart etc. When you know, you just know. Bye Bowles. I’m tired of the constant defending of him by some to the bitter end. 

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3 minutes ago, RSJ said:


Settle down. Matt Moore played better against these stooges last season. Why do you think everyone was picking the Browns?

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In all honestly I bet the Browns cause roster talent thinking they'd run over our offensive line. Not Todd going out of his way to stop calling a working D with a half hour left after we had a good lead

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game was over after the penalty ridden - dumb f players; we have 10 days to stew on this loss; at this point, I would just as soon let Darnold play (who cares), watch them loose every game and have the coaches replaced. I am the guy that said, let's see how the season runs - but, to play such a chicken-sh*t game; sitting on an 11 point lead - players with stupid penalties; no positive energy.

I just hope some decent coaches become available this off-season.

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Just now, Spoot-Face said:

I'm sure our offense and coaching staff will have a bounce back game against the Jags next week. Besides, their defense can't possibly be as good as the Browns, right?

Two winnable games and two complete disasters. It’s unbelievable how incompetent these coaches and management are in assembling a team. Unfathomable anyone could do worse. 

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4 minutes ago, sourceworx said:

He looks like he did in college. In other words: not good. He sucked last year, and he sucks now. 

After tonight, I’m a bit concerned about his arm.  The turnover thing is fixable, or it isn’t.  We’ll see.  He makes a lot of plus plays.  But if he doesn’t have the arm talent to make the big throws, he’s toast.  Compared to Mayfield, he looked weak.

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Just now, DLJ said:

We are all Jets fans but we aren’t all blind homers.
He sucked tonight. If you can’t admit that then you need to stay off message boards

Love to hear how he sucks, he consistently avoided danger made throws in tight windows, not his fault the plays he was given sucked and our coached didn't want to win, the damn game was won in the run game  and then they were like let call a bunch of behind the line of scrimmage passes and stop running.

No adjustment to browns passing game by coaching. 

If you can't admit it was coaching and we stole defeat out of the jaws of victory you need to stay off the message boards or maybe just be quiet.

Also yeah don't talk crap like that to other posters. That is crowel low. 

All in all, that two games in a row we should have won but lost. Darnold continues to look like he has the tools to win, but is consistently held back by poor play in offense and his own coaches.

Pathetic. Coach bowles was out coached by Hugh ******* Jackson...Jesus Christ.

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