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Clean up our mistakes..Yeah,right..


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3 hours ago, SWFlorida said:

How many times in the reign of Todd Boyles have those famous, “we’ve got to clean up our mistakes” been heard? Yet, it never happens..

Todd Boyles should be shown the door..Get out..

for the last 3 years he tells us how young the players are.  When do players become old enough? Is Buster Skrine young?  Trumaine Johnson?  Claiborne?  Thos OLs are not young.

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Jets had 7 dead balls penalties & 2 holdings calls at the worst possible time, both on a veteran Clairborne, huge hold on 3rd down stop continuing the Browns drive & holding on the 2 point conversion stop leading to a do over Philly special to send the home town into a FRENZY, pump up the Browns defense & fill them with adrenaline, instead with everything going the Browns way if the missed 2 point conversion stood, it was a bummer for momentum and the game would have only been a FG difference. 

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Players play.

Coaches Coach.

So is it possible that better coaching leads to players playing better? I know some people think the coach is just there to take credit for wins.

Show Coffee in Hand the door if you want, he hasn't made any great moves, but is it possible players need some coaching to become their best?

Maybe the Jets should start letting the GM pick the coach instead of a Johnson.

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