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4 minutes ago, RoadFan said:

Darnold missed an open Robby.  An open Herndon.   An open Enunwa.

It was on Darnold guys.


Which actually means you have a worse view than those watching on TV.

When it goes through a player's hands, that's not a "miss".  Not all perfect throws, but Enunwa in particular definitely has to bring that in.

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2 minutes ago, Matt39 said:

Darnold probably isn’t the guy but you have to fire Bowles and Maccagnan immediately and start McCown the rest of the way. Try again next year with another QB pick(we’re picking top 3) and see what happens.

Huh?  Don't you think it's just a bit early to say that?

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3 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

It was slightly overthrown. Would have been an amazing catch.

Slightly overthrown.


Still hit him in the hands and he still closed them late resulting in a drop. 

We're the only team in the NFL with a WR who can't make that grab.

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