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Post Reactions - Ideas for potential improvements

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I like the idea of being able to react to posts in different ways and it's one of the reasons I really like the software for this message board. I do feel that the implementation could use some improvements. 

  • This could just be my own ignorance, but my impression is that there are a couple of pairs of reactions that seem redundant and could be merged into a single reaction. The "upvote" and "like" reactions seem to be the same. What is the difference between the two? Same goes for downvote and buttfumble. Maybe that's just me being my normal obsessive compulsive self, but I think trimming those two down would be an improvement.
  • The "post of the week" reaction I think could be taken to another level. Perhaps that was the original intent and it was never implemented due to priorities. Anyway IMO it would be really cool if you could actually do something with the "post of the week". This could potentially be monetized as well. If you could restrict post of the week reactions to one per person and actually calculate and announce the post of the week that would be a neat thing. If you gave someones profile a "post of the week" image of some sort you could upgrade it to an advertisement. "Modell's JN Post of the Week" (or any advertiser) could be a nice advertisement given the number of visits on the site. They may even be able to give some advertising dollars and a gift certificate to the winner of the post of the week generating revenue and encouraging quality posts at the same time. My own posts would likely never qualify for this as they're mostly trash, but I think it could be beneficial to the site.
  • On a related note to post of the week being monetized I have another mostly unrelated idea. I used to post on a different message board that had season awards where people voted on different categories of awards. Best poster, funniest poster, things like that. Maybe that's already done here, IDK. Anyway, I could see this potentially being monetized with advertising as well. Users would have the award on their profile for a year with the advertisers name on it. It would take some cold calling/emailing to reach out to different businesses but if you have enough views I'm SURE you could find people willing to shell out some cash. Also, like the post of the week thing I suggested I think it could also encourage quality posting.

Just some half drunken thoughts. Cheers.

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Good stuff. There is a whole new emoji thing coming out through IPB soon. I know that isn't related to this but I can look at everything when they release that. There is redundancy with the upvotes like you said. And I would like us to start having a post of the week again. That was always a good fun feature. Would need a volunteer for that but it is definitely something we should do again.


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