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I am happy to introduce a new site sponsor:  https://thelinebacker.com please check them out, here is some additional information.



Linebacker is a subscription-based product, with options available for 5-Day, 30-Day, and 365-Day passes, all of which come with a free trial period.

Linebacker is a cutting-edge sports prediction system. Each sports game is simulated thousands of times to calculate the best betting scenarios for customers.

Linebacker customers receive a tailored experience. Suggested plays and bet amounts are all customized based on your betting preferences and tendencies.

The projected box scores paint a picture of how the game is expected to play out from a moneyline, spread, total and prop perspective.

Linebacker provides expert betting picks, and scores and odds for all the major North American sports. That means NFL, NBA, MLB, and college football and basketball picks for moneyline, pointspread and totals.

Linebacker’s simulation model is unmatched in the industry. Its formula accounts for real-time data like live odds, player injuries, weather and game flow.




You can get a 25-percent discount on their first Linebacker purchase when they use the promo code [JETNATION] at thelinebacker.com.  Sign up for a free trial today, and get winning picks to make more money.




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