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2 minutes ago, kevinc855 said:

When Rosen pans out to be half the qb darnold does feel free to screen shot this and taunt me. I will wait 

You do realize Darnold is a rookie QB in his 7th game too, right?

What has any of these QB’s panned out to be yet?

I, also, will wait 

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12 hours ago, Losmeister said:

you named yourself GREEN, it shows. i may indeed be a curmudgeon, but i wont swallow that this D did anything worth giving them a pass.

Twice with the same weak joke? No one bite before? Yes, that is why I have green in my name here. Brilliant. 

The support beams for your personality are complete. Pointless and humorless. 

Then you did't watch the entire first half of the game. And who's giving the D a pass? I'm discussing accurate points of reality. Your brain just hears that as some sort of finite conclusion. Discussions are to be discussed. You can say one thing without it concluding another.  You can like vegetables AND steak. 

You're clearly incapable of having a discussion as the first thing you do is throw out some sort of snide remark and then label the other poster's point with your own conclusions.  I thought you were going ignore me anyway? Why happened to that? 

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