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Jets State of Union: The Return of Xs and Os to Jet Football


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Ha- my secretary came in and was reading over my shoulder and she started cracking up.

"What is a belly tree and a tuna tree?" she asked. "What the he!! kind of web sites are you reading?"


Tell her "I'd tell you, but then I'd get sued for sexual harassment!"

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There is only two things I want from Mangini.

1) Get the players to play hard

2) When you get the chance to go for the throat you go for it.

So far based on the criteria above you gotta love the guy. Not all of the players are very good, but they are plying hard as hell and never quit. The winning drive against TEN was the shining difference between this regime and the Herm regime. Herm would have been so concerned with killing the clock that it would have hindered them from moving the ball at all. How many feel that a Herm team would have either lost that game or played for overtime?

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