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Todd Bowles Is Actually Ahead of His Time


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Compared to 10 years ago, all the defenses are small and fast now.  

If you build a road smashing offensive line and had two tight ends that could both block and split out wide, then yes a power running game would dominate right now.  Just split them out if they brought in extra line backers and then pull them in and smash the db's when they decide to defend the pass.

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11 hours ago, Augustiniak said:

helps him more than having 3rd and 9 every series b/c they kept handing off to crowell.

darnold does not need to be shielded, he's not an egg, he's the best player on an offense that desperately needs him to make plays.  there's no downside to taking risks when you're 3-5 and the expectations are quite low.  

How about stop this nonsense run, run, then pass on 3rd and long.  Mix it up Bates.  Boring the hell out of us and hindering Sam.   Use your goddamn "creative genius" within you.

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22 hours ago, slats said:

Todd Bowles predicts running the football will come back — eventually

Posted by Darin Gantt on November 2, 2018, 8:12 AM EDT
Getty Images

Jets coach Todd Bowles isn’t blind. He sees the offensive numbers exploding around the league.

But he can’t help but think eventually football will revert to its past.

Via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, Bowles said the trend toward wide-open offense will eventually recede, and teams will think it’s cool to run again.

It’ll change back,” Bowles said. “It’ll recycle itself. Probably not in my coaching career, but it will recycle itself, . . . Maybe in the next 10 years, it’ll cycle back.”

Scoring is at a record pace this season, and with rules written the way they are, it’s unlikely that many people will want to avoid a clear trend. But there is some anecdotal evidence in favor of old school football, as four of the top five teams in rushing yards made the playoffs last year.

“It only takes one team to have success doing that,” Bowles said. “It’s a copycat league, so everybody will follow suit. Eventually in the next 10 years, I expect that to go back.”

Of course, if everyone is going one direction, there will always be some value in bucking the trend. But that trend is so strong at the moment, it’s hard not to think Bowles’ estimate of the running comeback might be optimistic.

Do we need any more evidence that TB is clueless?

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