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We can move on fro Long, Beachum and Winters and free up another $20 mil. We need to target whatever Oline is out there aggressively in FA and if things are tight and we need more cap room for playmakers and pass rushers, cut these guys. ONLY get rid of them if you can find replacements which I think is the problem with this weak FA class. We literally need a whole new o-line and Shell should be the new Ijalana backup swing tackle. 

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Just now, Augustiniak said:

Dolphins front owns the jets.  2 games now.

Which is why a decent OC would design a game plan that makes their strength a weakness.  They’re quick and aggressive.  So use that against them.  Instead we are trying and failing to use the run to set up the pass.  So, use slants, quick outs and screens to set up then run.

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Bates is calling Offense 101 today (again), and Sam looks lost out there. Not good. I was so pumped for this game, but I'm sick to my stomach watching this. Even if we're somehow able to pull out a win, what does it matter? The Fish suck, and so do we. Next week and the Bills? I don't even care anymore.

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