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4 minutes ago, MDL_JET said:

Honestly. Can’t even imagine how Bowles will think if they win. “We fought tough blablabla” “I’m proud of this team”

Well it is a big if after the ending to that drive. But you never apologize for a loss on the road. Not looking like they will have to today regardless.

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Just now, UntouchableCrew said:

Spencer Long cannot be good enough to justify starting him with these snaps. He has to be benched.

Hard to believe that no other team’s practice squad doesn’t have a guy better than this.  What’s Mangold doing these days.

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Carroll fired Bates, the Seahawks' offensive coordinator, on Tuesday morning, ending his rocky one-year return to the NFL during which his unit was among the league's worse


* Carroll and the Seahawks fired Bates, the team's offensive coordinator, on Tuesday morning, ending a rocky one-year return to the NFL for Bates during which the Seahawks ranked among the worst offenses in the NFL.

* Bates was let go after Seattle's offense finished the regular season ranked 28th in the league.

* But Seattle's offense was a season-long struggle. It started in training camp when offensive line coach Alex Gibbs abruptly retired just days before the season opener. A lack of continuity was a common theme for Seattle's offensive line, which went through 10 different incarnations during the season.

* It all led to a general inability to run, which was the biggest flaw. The Seahawks averaged just 89 yards per game rushing, 31st in the league, and barely avoided being the worst running team in franchise history. Bates was also criticized for some of his calls in the passing game

Anyone see any similarities? I told you Bates was trash, been saying it and saying it and saying it.....same issues as before despite all these nonsense rumors of his 4 year hike in the mountains that made him an offensive guru!!!



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