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Did this game change your opinion on Darnold?

Did your opinion change after today or even after the past few games?  

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No.  Jesus Christ.  

Not at all, he's one of the few bright spots we have on this team. It's just a shame that the roster around him is crap along with the terrible coaching. I only hope we don't ruin him.

Everyone says it with little evidence.

He didn’t play well at all but as a 21yr old rookie he has been put into the worst situation possible. No receivers, no running game, awful offensive line with a center who can’t snap the ball and god awful play calling.

With the complete dysfunction on offense it’s hard to get a read on his progress.

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1. We need a whole new coaching staff.

2. He has a WAYS to go.

3. It's not guaranteed that he's going to be Ben Roethlisberger--Andy Dalton would be on the high end.

4. The whole "Darnold doesn't let mistakes bother him" BS is BS.  He clearly was shook as hell out there.

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1 minute ago, Jetsbb said:

Everyone says it with little evidence.

I’m not here to try and convince anyone, just my opinion.

if you don’t see that this kid has “it”, that’s your opinion.

He’s only 21. He can feasibly be this team’s QB for the 20 years. Just look at how fantastically great all the old timers are playing! The old guys seem to get better with age, amazing!

We’ll look back at his 1st year as a very worthwhile learning period.

he needs the right nurturing, the Johnsons need to make a cold, calculated decision and get him the RIGHT coaching. 

David Shaw anyone?


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6 minutes ago, Patriot Killa said:

Everyone around him sucks. But I feel discouraged and I wish I didn’t. I’m not giving up on him after 9 games but I’m really discouraged.

Especially the OC who makes no adjustments and HC kept Long in at center when it was clear he was not able to snap the ball to the QB. Darnold will be ok as long as the Jets get rid of Bowles and everyone on his staff except maybe Kevin Greene, but that will be up to the next HC. Bates and Bowles are clearly over their heads and cannot find a way to stop the bleeding. I hope Bowles is fired at the bye week.

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hes being asked to carry the entire organization offensively 

no coaching 

no OL

no running game 

no WR

no effort

no playmakers 

bad snaps 

bad field position 

more snap penalties

lazy routes 

3rd and forever 

kid can’t do everything 



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1 minute ago, 20andOut said:

Maybe he would look better if he wasn;t busy wondering how far he would have to chase the next snap. This o-line is awful. especially run blocking. Fix that and see hoe Darnold looks

This right here. 

The dude is chasing the snap every other play. His WRs aren’t helping him at all and sometimes quitting on plays. The coaches are doing nothing to help him or the offense move the ball. 

The OL can’t hold a block in the run or pass game. 

Darnold is just trying to survive and make something happen out of literally nothing  

I have zero concern about him right now. 

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People were calling Goff a bust & he had WAY BETTER PLAYERS around him his 1st year. 

Our line is a dumpster fire. Kearse has checked out, I should have known when I saw the clips of his golf outings during camp, Anderson is skinny little bitch, he's working with a rookie TE, and secondaries know Quincy is his binkie & try to do everything to take him away. 

I don't know this for sure, but I'm pretty confident that Sam Darnold has been in more 2nd & long, 3rd & long situations after our run, run, pass philosophy than any QB in the league, plus we probably lead the league in presnap false starts & the worst starting field position on top of everything else I've just pointed out. We need to save Sam & clean house for 2019. 

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To some degree it did. It made me realize that Darnold might not be able to overcome bad coaching. It crystallized the importance of getting the right coach. Maybe he’ll be able to overcome bad coaching later in his career. But we need a good coach to get him there first.

I still think he will be an above average QB. But I now think that depends on the coach we bring in.

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Just now, RobR said:

That's not what you've been saying for the last four years. I'm glad you've finally seen the light.

You are correct. I've been very patient, it ran out today. The final straws were leaving an injured center in the game even though he couldn't snap the shotgun, and the last drive not using the center of the field for a long gain then spiking the ball to stop the clock. They kept forcing the ball down the sidelines which were covered.  There are other observations also, I just don't have the energy to type. 

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No. He was terrible but what 21 year old rookie would have looked good?

He didn’t even have a Center who could snap the ball today. If this was Darnolds’s 10th year, I would have expected him to elevate the play around him. But even without a working center...and this roster...and THIS COACHING STAFF, who could be any good in this disaster ?!

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The question, in and of itself, is ridiculous and perfunctory.  When Sam has played well its been against inferior opponents. When he has struggled, its been against the better teams that we don't match up well against.  Add to that the numerous injuries, a mindless OC, a mindless HC and a roster full of misfits and its remarkable Sam is able to do anything at all. I for one am thrilled with how well he has played and the demeanor he exhibits.  He has exhibited all the characteristics of a leader and a franchise QB. Sam is 1 of 53 on the roster. There are about 10 players worth keeping.  This team in in dire need of talent.  They are starting players most teams wouldn't even use as backups.       

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