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Official Happy Jack - Greengal Thread (Threat Contained)

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ome people seem so obsessed with the morning

Get up early just to watch the sun rise

Some people like it more when there's fire in the sky

Worship the sun when it's high

Some people go for those sultry evenings

Sipping cocktails in the blue, red and grey

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First a word from our sponsor....

GG, I saw this and wanted to break out my Ukelele, and play along like Pete, yo did such a good job! Then, I went to your latest column--hilarious! And I thought it would be time to do a little Earth, Wind & Fire...but as soon as "Getaway" went through my mind and gotaway, I decided cooler heads would prevail and it was back to the 'OO...

You're alone above the street somewhere

Wondering how you'll ever count out there...

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thanks HJ for the column props..:)

When you take up a pencil and sharpen it up When you're kicking the fence and still nothing will budge When the words are immobile until you sit down Never feel they're worth keeping, they're not easily found

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