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for a head coach that is defensive they really crew the pooch pretty regularly, he should be fired for that alone. They finnaly score first then get a pemnalty then kick it into the endzone then let the pats drive right down the field, have them where they coul deny the penalty and kick a fg but nope lets give up the td.

another bad performance by Bowles. even when they start ok they make stupid mistakes started by bad coaching choices

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1 minute ago, shuler82 said:

Why did the Jets accept this penalty? 


Just now, MDL_JET said:

Lol. Bowles. 


Just now, Beerfish said:

As usual fine coaching decision. 

Meh, this is one of those decisions that people were going to whine about regardless of what was decided.  Keeping them in scoring range, and with a potential for a short conversion would have been a matter of coaching scared.  Accepting the penalty was a more aggressive decision.  Good coaches (not Bowles, but you know, other ones) don't make decisions based on fear of their team screwing something up.

I'm not even slightly surprised that it came back to bite them in the ass, but anyone pretending how obviously right it was to decline the penalty are dependent on hindsight in order to complain some more, as if Bowles doesn't give us an endlessly long enough list of reasons already.

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