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Culpepper looking for more money


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The agent for Vikings quarterback Daunte Culpepper said he is prepared to begin "scheduled" contract negotiations with the team to make his client one of the NFL's highest-paid players.

Mason Ashe, Culpepper's agent, said he, Vikings owner Zygi Wilf and Rob Brzezinski, the team's vice president of football operations, outlined their intentions in August, when Culpepper received an additional $7.5 million in guaranteed money from the team.

"I am poised and ready to begin the scheduled restructuring of his long-term contract with the Vikings, as we discussed last summer with Mr. Wilf, so Daunte can assume the position on the NFL pay scale that he so deserves," Ashe said Wednesday.

Wilf, through a team spokesman, declined comment Wednesday evening.

Brzezinski also declined comment, and Culpepper did not return phone messages.

Culpepper has been noticeably silent since an interview with the Pioneer Press on Dec. 15, when he insisted he would dispute the three misdemeanor charges against him for his role in the controversial boat party Oct. 6 on Lake Minnetonka. He also cast his support of backup quarterback Brad Johnson and said he expected to "end my career in Minnesota and win Super Bowls for the Vikings."

Since then, however, the Vikings narrowly missed the playoffs, and coach Mike Tice was fired and replaced by Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Brad Childress, who installed the West Coast offense.

Culpepper, who Childress called "the franchise quarterback," has been conspicuously mum.

Culpepper returned to the Twin Cities late last week, spurring widespread speculation about the quarterback's visit. Many assumed he was in town to meet with Childress, but a league source said Wednesday that Culpepper met with Brzezinski to discuss his contract.

Brzezinski declined comment when asked about the meeting with Culpepper.

But Ashe said Culpepper was in the area for one reason.

"He did not come up there to negotiate his contract. If he had, I would have been there," Ashe said. "He had one scheduled visit, which he made. It was to deal with the ahead-of-schedule progress of his rehabilitation. Any other speculation about why he was there is pure conjecture."

Ashe said his client's focus is on returning to health after tearing three of four ligaments in his right knee Oct. 30 in Charlotte, N.C., in a game against the Carolina Panthers.

"Daunte is 100 percent focused on continuing his incredible progress and rehab, so he can be faster and stronger than ever before. That's his complete focus. Period," Ashe said. "The fans ought to know that."

Although Culpepper is ahead of schedule, Ashe declined to put a timetable on his client's return. Culpepper told the Pioneer Press on Dec. 15, "I'll be playing definitely next season."

The question now is where.

In March, Culpepper is due a $6 million roster bonus, and his base salary for 2006 is $2 million. His salary cap number is a team-high $9.421 million, according to NFL Players Association salary documents. The exact date Culpepper will receive the bonus is not known. But if the Vikings choose to release or trade him

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hahahahahaha. the Turd is askin for more money after Love Boat AND after his obvious lack of talent cost Vikes playoffs.

As soon as the steamin pile of overrated excrement was injured the Vikes go like 6-1,,,

hahah, a raise, he must be tryin to get to KC so he can play for "The Tin Chef".

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If I am the Vikings I put feelers out in the trade market... I am sure teams like the Dolphins would bite or maybe even the Ravens.

Absolutely...let Brad Johnson start, save a ton of money, and draft or sign a QB this year.

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How ridiculous is this idiot? Not even mentioning his off-field trouble, but it was painfully obvious to everyone in the world that Culpepper was proved as nothing more than an average quarterback without Randy Moss to bail him out.

No way the Vikings do this, and I would be surprised if Nick Saban didn't see right through Culpepper. No way he ends up in Miami.

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