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Let’s speculate about this Manish tweet. Eat Arby’s


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1 hour ago, joewilly12 said:

Rex over Bowles all day everyday. 

damn it’s like 2 AFC championships in a row was a lifetime ago

imagine if we just had Mangini as GM and Rex as HC. I mean talk about ying and yang but you have the opportunity that each tempers the other.

these two were IMO by far the most intriguing HCs and personalities of my lifetime. 

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7 minutes ago, southtown24th said:

I bet it's "there's a rift in the locker room" or some bullsh*t fabricated, embellished story.

Can't post a gif of the greatest athlete this world has ever seen, and then give some BS news.

If he does that, imma trip him next time I see him.  Preferably when he's holding a beverage of some sort.

In fact we all should.  If this is BS, all Jet fans should trip him every time you see him for the next year.  Not violently.  Just annoy the crap out of him and ruin his clothes.

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