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Why does our D suck so badly?


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This is my opinion on the defense. After every blown lead or poor performance we hear about how there were miscommunications and penalties from the coaching staff and team. Doesn't that say something about how this coaching staff is preparing the team?  There are so many times where guys are running wide open in the secondary. It can't all be on miscommunications. I would imagine a lot of it is poor play calling by not putting guys in a position to make plays. It has hampered this team the entire time Bowles has been here. That's not a coincidence in my opinion.

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12 hours ago, Freemanm said:

Seriously, there are teams, player-for-player, that have the same if less talent level than us and yet have better defenses (Patriots included). We have a D-oriented coach. Why is it that there always seems to be a wide open receiver 15-20 yds downfield against our D? Why is it that all opposing RBs have to do is turn the corner and get huge runs against us? Why can’t our D get big stops in the 4Q?

It is simple. When good Ds have a vagina for a HC, if they get a lead the ballless HC plays the “cautions”  and “ prevent “ D. Which almost always fails. The good HCs with some Testies know Better. 

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