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Jets want Jim Harbaugh

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You keep saying this as if NFL teams dont have to recruit. In todays NFL players who have options need to be recruited and a player like Bell is much more likely to "run with the Jets" if we have Jim as the coach. People keep saying this fantasy nonsense about Jim running a smashmouth offense when in fact when he was with SF Kap did NOT run a smashmouth offense as all. Jim tailored the offense to the player he had. 
I am NOT advocating for Jim specifically but lets cut the B.S. here. Jim would be far and away the best coach we have had in a very very long time and has the potential to get us at least as close to the superbowl as parcells did who also by the way generally leaves after a few years in a program. 
And cut the crap about him alienating players, who exactly on this team are you worried about pissing off? Jim gets along with the QB, PERIOD. I dont give a rats ass about anyone else, je has what we need.
1. winning record
2. qb experience and development
3. a large enough name to attract GOOD free agents
4. the attitude to change the culture
5. the balls to bench underperforming players
what the hell am I missing again? Oh...all of this wasnt to your post specifically, I was reading the first 3 pages of this thread and then I couldnt take it anymore and had to respond to some of the things that were being said and flat out misleading or nonsense. 
Lmao come on now, there is nothing more clear at this point than the fact that players like bell are much more likely to run with whatever team pays him the most.

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