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Jets want Jim Harbaugh

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I thought this was a thread about Jim Harbaugh not Iowa tight ends.

Letting it be known that the Jets are interested in Harbaugh says that the calculus has (finally!) changed in Florham Park.  I don't think they are willing to settle for a virtual unknown coordinator.  They are going to make a splash this offseason, one way or another.  When Harbaugh rebuffs them, I think the Johnsons go after another big name.  Despite being a defensive minded coach, I wouldn't be surprised if they speak to Tony Dungy.  To me, Dungy makes a lot of sense.  He's got a SB ring, tons of respect around the league and is a total no-nonsense guy.   He would also be able to hire top notch assistants.  I think the players would rejoice if he were to take over.

If Cleveland sticks with Gregg Williams, it also wouldn't surprise me if Chris contacts Bruce Arians.  There may be some bad blood after his former DC gets fired, but money talks.  He's another guy with gravitas around the league and will be liked by his players.  Is it just me or does Arians not sound like David Cone?

If they look at very high profile college coaches, of course Nick Saban will be considered.  Despite what Steve! Serby!!! says, Lincoln Riley is not the guy to lead this team.  He doesn't have the reputation around the league the others have and I just don't think he's the type of guy to lead them out of the wilderness.

Dungy and Arians would both work well with Maccagnan certainly more so than Harbaugh.  Saban would want full control of player decisions which could leave Mac doing what he does best, make trades.

I think it's going to be a wild ride but the Jets are going to be very quick and decisive with this decision.



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