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Jets job is the most desired job this offseason

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25 minutes ago, Jets723 said:

I think its a toss up.  I agree Browns have more talent BUT I think Darnold is the QB with the higher ceiling and with 100 million in cap space, plus the draft position makes it more enticing to want the job

I also think the character of the QB comes into play also. Darnold is 2 years younger than Mayfield, and still has 2 years of growth both physically & mentally as a QB B4 he's the same age as Baker in 2020. 

Now, do want want a guy like Darnold leading the way with calm quiet confidence or a guy like Mayfield doing Dick flops & staring down opposing coaches? Don't get me wrong, I think Bakers a good QB, but he's an immature sh*tty person. Just because you pulled yourself up by your own bootstraps to get to the top doesn't give you a reason to spit on the people you disagreed with when you get there. It's childish. Grow the f*ck up.

Weak people revenge, strong people forgive, intelligent people ignore. Karma will catch up to Mayfield, if grabbing your crotch & shaking it to the opposing team is cool to some fans than be a Browns fan. Some day when Mayfield is drilled into the turf & doesn't get up they'll be a lot football fans smirking. I just think he's a little classless sh*t. 


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7 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:


That’s what solid drafting does for you.

Myles Garrett, Mayfield, Denzel Ward, Njoku. That’s a tremendous core of homegrown players.

While Jets fans were busy making fun of the Browns, they lapped us with their decision-making as a franchise.


Jets can get there this year if Josh Allen is the pick & he turns into a stud pass rusher. 

Darnold-Adams-Herndon-Allen. Plus Maye will be a good player if he can stay healthy. 

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53 minutes ago, Philc1 said:

If we draft Allen andbhe immediately pans out plus sign a Clowney we will have a legit pass rush next year

Absolutely! That plus a legitimate DC we can do a complete 180 next year.

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