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Jets job is the most desired job this offseason

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As fans we dislike the johnsons as owners, however, coaches
probably feel the opposite.

Woody will pay you well, is
patient and will allow you time to build, provide you with a great practice facility, will not bury you to the media, won’t overreact to the fans (like us), you report directly to ownership and not a GM, spends money on players and I’m sure there other things I forgot. Potential coaches break all this down and have no issue with the Johnsons.

As far as Cleveland, they should keep Williams in place. He has them playing well. Compared to the jets, their owner is opposite than ours (fans love him and coaches have mixed feelings) Although he held onto hue Jackson too long, he has been a firing machine. Potential guys worry about job security. Also, it’s a small town compared to NY/NJ. For some coaches it’s a positive and some negative.

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