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Jets job is the most desired job this offseason

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40 minutes ago, HessStation said:

And no offense but the whole premise is a subjective opinion you meatballs. 

But I think some of you guys are discounting  living/winning in NYC still being a big draw for big egos.

This can’t be discounted, friends. It’s how the Knicks seduced Enes Kanter into coming here. 

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57 minutes ago, Pac said:

While the Johnson bashing is deserved in some situations (i.e. making Bowles and equal to Macc or Tebow and re-acquiring Revis), it's way overblown on this forum.

Woody and now Chris have never been afraid to spend money, always have the backs of their players, provide state of the art facilities, were the first to voice opposition against that ridiculous kneeling rule, and have never embarrassed coaches or GM's with in season firings or being critical in the media.

Throw in the fact that they largely stay out of football affairs and ownership is probably viewed as a strength to both FA's and would be coaches alike.

You don't think potential FA's know the Jets have helped guys like ASJ and Robby turn their lives around and didn't give up on them like many owners would have?

The Jets job will be the best one available next week.  The only thing that could scare away a coach is the relentless media and fan scrutiny.   But if that would be the thing that scares a coach away, I wouldn't want them anyway.


Other than the Velcro shoes, the bus pass, and the increasing prevalence of societal guardrails, how have you survived this long with a brain that processes information this way? 

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