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Adams voted team MVP


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31 minutes ago, UnitedWhofans said:

This has nothing to do with being a disgusting homer fanboy. All you had to say was.

"Good job Jamal. You deserved it." What part of that is being a disgusting homer fanboy?

My way is more fun because of the reactions it gets from people like you; someone who tries to police how people think and post. 

You could have easily ignored me too, ya know. 

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14 minutes ago, 56mehl56 said:

Unless the MVP went to someone the supposed Jet fans on this board like, then it would be celebrated 

Is it too much to ask to hope the team MVP is a player who plays a premium position?

If not for the injury, it would have been Darnold.  That would have been nice. 

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Since most of his snaps are from the linebacker position, and he has elite coverage abilities and elite pass rush abilities would it make you ladies feel better by thinking of Jamal as a rush linebacker that can also cover the slot? 

Congrats Jamal, pro bowl and mvp 

January should also bring all pro 



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