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34 minutes ago, Dcat said:

It will be interesting to see if Adams rebounds from his horrible game last week. Or if he plays like garbage again.  

He is the cornerstone of the Bowles defense, so lets hope his play lives up to the reputation and all the praise he gets. 

 :wtf: Just keep on hating, Hater.

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5 hours ago, T0mShane said:

This offseason will be very bad and mismanaged. We’re 100% going to get out-maneuvered for coaches, staff, free agents and publicity. There will be a who’s-who list of candidates that won’t even pick up the phone because of Mike Maccagnan’s continued employment here. Mehta is embedded with Macc’s people, so all your casual Jets fan friends will be spouting Mehta’s ahistorical, obviously false, Maccagnan spin for the next twelve months. Whoever ends up coaching here, your Mehta-inspired friend will say was *actually* the best hire because “sure, he’s only a position coach, but the Texan’s defensive backs have overperformed under him,” or “actually, he coached in the most competitive conference in D-II football,” or “He was good in Oakland/Jacksonville/Tennessee/Miami. He just ran into hard luck in each of those 12 years and three different locations where he was fully in charge of those respective operations.” If you want a thematic metaphor for this off-season, imagine Chris Johnson, Mike Maccagnan, Sam Darnold, Manish Mehta, UnitedWhoFans, and Pac are all trapped in a long-abandoned and haunted insane asylum, and Mehta convinces the group that it’s a good idea to send Darnold down to check the fuse box. 


As for this game, it will be a mess. I’m sure the Jets will compete as a way to honor Bowles, and I’m sure the Patriots will treat this game like a scrimmage, with plenty of close-ups of a frustrated, if bored, Tom Brady leering at one of his hung-over wide receivers, wondering why they didn’t psychically divine that Tom wanted them to turn left instead of right. The Patriots will still win 27-17 and they’ll be embarassed it was that close, and the Jets will be excited they were within a field goal at the end of the third quarter. It will likely also be Gronkowski’s last game, so there’s a non-zero chance Tom tries to hit him for three TDs, which will be fun for me, personally, for no reason, at all, but Gronk doing three Gronk spikes on the strong safety version of Freddie Mitchell would be pretty, pretty good.

You’re such a New Yorker.

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