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19 minutes ago, joewilly12 said:

Is it too early for BEER

No, its just about time... F** this whole organization. 

Seriously, we are supposed to be preparing for "big game" hunting. I wan't to know who in the hell heard that. It sounds like we are taking a "throw a dart blindfolded" approach.. lol this team.



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First question I would ask Mike Maccagan is, "After so many misses in the draft and failures in free agency, why should you stay the Jets GM going forward?" 
Second question I would ask, "after making Todd Bowles your fall guy for past failures will you take 100 percent ownership for your drafts going forward, or will you again cede control to the next Jets head coach?"
Bowles did his part in making Bowles the call guy let's not kid ourselves here. Mac didn't call Bowles up and say wouldn't it be great if we played our defense in a soft man style with 10 yard cushions on each receiver or hey Todd I know we are down by a field goal but let's run the ball and not use timeouts.

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3 hours ago, BroadwayRay said:

For everyone throwing a fit over the Jets keeping the same "structure," a reminder that over half the teams in the league use the same type of organization, the Packers and the Steelers being two examples. The structure isn't the problem, it's the GM. We just have to pray to the football gods that he drafts better. It's also better that the new HC reports to the owner because it means his future won't be tied to Maccagnan. Otherwise, nobody of any worth would take the job.

Logic and reason has no place here.

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5 hours ago, CrazyCarl40 said:

At least at me you coward. Why don’t you block me once and for all?

Youre clueless.  Feel better?  

Best part is I didnt call you anything by name.  I respond to someone that a clueless person said it.

That you knew it was you is telling.


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