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Belichick went 7-1 against Todd Bowles

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6 hours ago, rillo said:

Honestly, I can't remember the 1 win he had. 

The apex of the Bowles tenure.  That was the game that made us 10-5 before the disaster season finale loss to Rex that knocked us out of the playoffs.

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12 hours ago, The_Jet_Nation said:

Get McCarthy in here and make him an offer he can’t refuse 






He won’t have Jordy in his prime and he certainly won’t have ARod. He would have to be extremely lucky to have the same success he did in Green Bay. 

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What people forget about the 1 win Bowles had against him BB was basically giving us the game for some reason.  It was a really strange game, at the end of the first half we were up 10-3, NE got the ball at their 16 w/ just under 2 minutes left and 2 TOs.  That is a an eternity for Brady, he has led TD a million scoring drives in lesser situations than that and BB decided to run out the clock and this was after they gained 13 yds on the 1st play w/ a run.  It was incredibly odd.  Then we all remember NE won the toss and deferred, we went down and scored a TD and won w/o Brady getting his hands on the ball.  It was a very un-BB/un-NE like game.

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4 hours ago, Nixhead said:

What’s Bowles record vs Phins? Can’t be much better than 1-7. That’s even worse than losing to the Pats. 

I think he had 3 wins vs. Miami.  2-0 in '15, 0-2 in '16 and '18, 1-1 in '17.  3-5 against Miami. He should have won 3 more at least.


2016 at Miami we led in the 4th and gave up a KR TD to lose.

2017 we had a 14 pt lead against Matt Moore in the 4th qtr of a game we dominated through 3 qtrs. and we blew it.

This year we should have won both games.



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