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I hope our next coach has/starts a "tree"


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One of the things that shows how bad our last few coaches (Bowles, Rex, Mangini, Herm) have been is that no one on their staffs was deemed good enough to take over as head coach to preserve some continuity. The only one I can think of that had coaches go on to be head coaches elsewhere was Rex who had Anthony Lynn & Pettine. You could argue that Westy should be one too.

The recent hot "coaching tree" is Reid's. For years it was Walsh and Parcells. Belichick's guys haven't had much, if any success as head coaches. One has to wonder why Peyton's assistants haven't been more in demand?

Not only would it be nice to have a legitimate head coach, but one that has developed assistants that are good enough to take over should that person opt to retire or pursue other opportunities.


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