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BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

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Ladies and Gentlemen RELAX Adam Gase is not that bad of a HC he will do well with Darnold he's young energetic and had some success in Miami with a very bad team.  He's 1000x better than Todd Bow

Boom! Called it   

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3 minutes ago, K_O_Brien said:

Lost for words. You have a Superbowl winning coach waiting at the altar, and you settle for Adam Gase who was fired by the Dolphins.

Maccagnan, in all likelihood, cost us McCarthy. 

The dysfunctional mess that is the New York Jets has made us the laughing stock of the NFL again. We deserve everything we get for the next 3 seasons until we are back looking for another head coach to save us from ourselves. 

There were 9 openings. He will end up unemployed or with the fish. 

Yeah, yeah, you know better than all the other execs. We get it.

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1 minute ago, RutgersJetFan said:

The Jets got their third choice of this hiring process. They missed out on the first because god knows why, missed out on the second because the GM made completely unprecedented demands, and we got the third because he was fired from the Miami Dolphins and nobody else wanted him. Let that sink in.

I don’t know why i expected them to do this in any way other than completely messing this up. 

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Wasn't my first choice from the start, but I've warmed to him lately. Either way, he's our coach now and I believe he's a good answer. We have our offensive coach we've wanted forever and someone with a good track record of QBs. 


Let's get after it.

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1 minute ago, jetstream23 said:

My thoughts....

1. Better than Bowles

2. Glad he has HC experience

3. Probably the best candidate left that's closest to a "Quarterback whisperer"

4. In my opinion, better than McCarthy.  We could have had McCarthy if we wanted him.

5. The big concerns about Gase relate to his ability to motivate players and communicate.

All reasonable and fair points. Please delete and self ban yourself. 

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5 minutes ago, TNJet said:

Omg. A superbowl winning coach wants to come here and you hire a guy with a losing record.

Yeah, I mean Barry Switzer won a Super Bowl with Troy Aikman and Emmett Smith.  Why didn't we go after him?

The Packers gave Mike McCarthy 14 chances with Aaron Rodgers.  One Super Bowl appearance!  ONE!!!

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6 minutes ago, Saul Goodman said:

Yikes. His resume isn’t bad but hiring the Miami Dolphins castoff is embarrassing. 

Of course, the real problem here is that we, the New York Jets, last place team, turned down Mike McCarthy. 

I'm honestly sick to my stomach. 

Hiring Miami's cast-off, a division rival is unforgivable.  This is a pathetic organization and boggles the mind how they can continue to be this bad!

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