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37 minutes ago, sec101row23 said:

I agree.  I have way more faith in Gase than I do Maccagnan however.  In all of those instances you cited, the rosters were in much better shape than the Jets.   We’ll see what moves Maccagnan makes in the coming months, but there is some serious work to do if this team team is going to make the playoffs.  

Don't disagree.  But that is what the standard needs to be.  No longer is winning 5 games considered a good season.  Its not about progress.  It is not about being better than last year.  The goal for this offseason should be to build a roster capable of making the playoffs.  That should be the goal every year.  Playoffs.  If Macc can't build a playoff roster, then get his ass out of town.  I would have shipped him out with Bowles, but obviously that didn't happen.  He probably gets two more years with the new coach, but we need to be a playoff team; preferably this coming season.

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Here's the issue with expecting anything; this team sucks.  Like really bad.  The only slightly positive light on this team is Darnold and hiring Gase just took all the fizzle out of the excitement that Darnold provides.  However, because he's QB guru/offensive genius or whatever, the expectation is top offense, Darnold balling and playoffs, with the only realistic expectation there is Darnold balling and that's more because Darnold is a baller.

So what happens next year when the Jets fail to go even .500?

Fire everyone?

Yay Jets!!!!

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1 hour ago, Lith said:

Playoffs.  It is no longer about showing progress or just getting better.  8 years of no playoffs is enough.  Gase-Macc need to end that drought this season.  Texans made the playoffs in year 2 of Watson.  Eagles and Rams made the playoffs in year 2 of Wentz and Goff.  Bears made the playoffs in year 2 with Trubisky.  Jets need to make the playoffs in year 2 of Darnold.  It should not be unattainable.

Gotta make the playoffs.

And it needs to be more than the first year of making the playoffs too.  I know this thread is about 2019, but it needs to be said.  There needs to be signs there that that level of success will be sustainable. 

Since Parcells, every new Jets hire has gone 9-7 or 10-6 in his first season as Jets HC.  Every one of them.  It proves nothing when that happens.  Only Parcells and Rex Ryan had success in Year 2.  And then everything bottomed out for Rex.

Meanwhile, Gase went to the playoffs once with Tannehill.  Proves nothing.

Sustained success or GTFO.

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