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Gase won with a healthy Tannyhill


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After the dust settles & all you Jet fans crying about this hire finally calm down you'll realize that coaches that go from mediocre/injured QBs to studs are pretty damn successful. 

There was no way this guy could continue improving a team that continually had issues at the most important position on the field. He owned Bowles, he also owned the Bills until everything fell apart this year. He also won twice against the Pats. Jarvis Landry is a punk & he sent him off just like Belichick would have. Do you think the Steelers would have been better off trading Landrys friend Antonio Brown before he turned that organization upside down?  

Coaches need to be backed up by their roster decisions by owners. Once players see a fissure between the 2 it's over. The Patriots are dealing with that now regarding BB, Kraft, Brady regarding Garapolo. Even though the Pats are in the playoffs, it's clear things are different. This is heir last hurrah. 

The most important player in this entire scenario is Macc. The Jets need to fix this Oline, have a great free agency period & nail this upcoming draft. It looks like we actually may be able to trade back. Gase + Darnold is going to be awesome! Compared to Bates? A stud QB that can make all the throws, move around, throw accurately on the run, opens up a smart OCs entire playbook. Would Mike McCarhy win without Aaron Rogers? How many Packer wins were last second Hail Marys? Yea, nice call Mike. 

Outside of McCarthy this is the best HC that was available. If he can transform Sam into a stud, we'll be scoring, everyone's happy. Once you start winning it's contagious. Miami will rue the day this guy ended up in the same division. The over reaction here is laughable. Going from Bowles to Gase is like going from a janitor to a professor. 

I might be in the minority, but I don't care. If our QB was Tyrod Taylor or Fitz, I'd be disappointed, but our QB finally has an experienced offensive coach. Surround him with talent & Gase can win. Jets will own the AFC east. We'll be saying how lucky we are of late, Giants bypassing Darnold & Fins firing Gase. 


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