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Joe Namath is believer in Adam Gase-Sam Darnold pairing

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Joe Namath is believer in Adam Gase-Sam Darnold pairing

January 12, 2019 | 12:43am

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Joe Namath attending a Jets game against the Dolphins on Nov. 4, 2018.
Joe NamathGetty Images


“I like him. I like what I’ve seen of him,” Namath told The Post. “I like the way he sounds, I like his personality. I think he sees a great opportunity here with the Jets, and certainly with the young quarterback. He sees a great opportunity to get something going here. 

“I’m excited about him coming. I believe he can do it.”

Namath said he believes Darnold can do it and labels him “a potential All-Pro quarterback” one day. image.gif.0083276821cc14126dc7f95d8b7cefa8.gif


“Whenever I’ve met him, and I’ve only met him a couple occasions, I like his demeanor, I like the looking in the eye, I like his enthusiasm,” Namath said. “But I also like what his players, his teammates and his coaches have had to say about him in this one year, even throughout the year. 

“He’s a young workhorse, he gives it effort, he’s out there trying, and he’s improving. I’ve seen him make basically about every throw that you need to make, and he’s gonna get better, he’s just gonna get better.”

Namath, 50 years after Super Bowl III, recognizes that Darnold will need a better team around him first.

“They have a potential great safety [Jamal Adams] back there and they have a potential All-Pro quarterback,” Namath said. “You’ve gotta get some other guys stepping up.”

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I love Joe. Best QB I ever saw play stats be damned. Great guy who overcame personal problems too. His takes on coaches and personnel have never been great however. I do hope he’s right though. 

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