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Adams reacts to Gregg Williams

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18 hours ago, Mark78 said:

Adams want his defensive teammates to be held accountable and give 100%.  This is a perfect match for him.  Both have the same intensity. Should be exciting!

he wont have to tell them anymore.

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4 hours ago, Sperm Edwards said:

Teams move on, and people move on. Often people (or teams) just want a clean slate. Just in general, sometimes individuals make career decisions for themselves irrespective of what seems on paper like one franchise's best interests, and sometimes these prove to be poor decisions.

Could also be some ego, where Williams didn't wouldn't accept a TE/RB coach, who was his underling after their interim promotions, to be his new boss.

Maybe rookie HC Kitchens didn't want someone with his decades of experience/clout boasting that he knows better about everything, let alone sticking out to the FO as an easy interim HC they can shift over to if the Browns get off to another bad start.

Maybe Kitchens was also not impressed with only 2 teams surrendering more yards than the Browns last year, nor that he hasn't overseen a clear top 10 unit on D for 8 straight seasons and counting. 

Maybe they just flat out don't like each other, lol.

Todd Monken, Interim HC of the Cleveland Browns--2019

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