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St. John's


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I am a huge St Johns fan. i grew up in queens rooting for st johns my entire life and i attended st johns from 1999-2004. i graduated in 2004.

i was at sju when we were in the to 10 and legit final 4 contenders and also when we were at the bottom of the barrel in college basketball.

since sju has hired Norm Roberts as the coach, i have been very critical of him. i think that the ultimate fix would have been hiring John Calipari. Cal is a proven winner, and the only thing we had to judge Roberts on was his 24-84 record at queens college.

this week, sju beat #15 louisville and #9 pitt, both games at msg. alot of st johns think that Norm has resurrected the program with these 2 wins. i am not drinking the cool aid yet.

i was at the louisville game and st johns beat a vastly overrated team without their best player that even Rick Pitino wont be able to save. Louisville lost that game just as much as st johns won it.

yesterday, another game i attended, I watchedPitt and asked myself how they are undefeated. Jamie Dixon is not a good coach at all and to let st johns jump out to a 14-0 lead is inexcusable.

this week, st johns plays at uconn and against west virginia. i think that UConn will clobber us by 40 points and i think that if west virginia shows up we do not have a chance of competing with them.

mark my words, st johns is not back yet by far and the jury is still out on Norm Roberts. hopefully he will be able to rebuild sju back into a national power, but until he lands some blue chip recruits sju will be a mid major and nothing more.

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