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2 hours ago, GATA said:

Please enlighten me how if I were scum I would want another towny to be active?

That would be an easy target so replacing him through an outsider would make the player more active hence not being in the favor of scum. 

There's just no logic in this narrative


Your question.


2 hours ago, The Crusher said:

Gives you something to post about without actually saying anything. Look active and concerned about the game , let the town do the heavy lifting. But, yeah, no logic to that narrative. 


The perfect answer, lol.



2 hours ago, GATA said:

Also funny enough you don't ^ mention Jif since right at that point he was the only one voting you


Hallia - Gata, 80, Crusher, Stark, JC (5)

Gata - Hallia (2)

Verbal - Jif (1)


Why did I need to mention JiF? 

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We all saw that coming for years. Glad it was finally consummated and I wish them well 

I'm not going anywhere near your weird sex trap.

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6 minutes ago, GATA said:

So Stark do you have any reads thus far ? 

Honestly not much has changed for me. Once i saw Hallia come in at end of D2 like she did on D1 to try to save Spoot I knew I was going to vote here today. If you remember I was voting for her before I switched to Spoot at the end to make sure he was lynched. 

Nyn/JiF is still on my mind because Hallia mentioned she thought they were both town and on D1 Nyn went No Lynch. JiF is picking up but not much for me to go on. 

Verb, 80, JC not too much there other than JC’s weird “Verb is best bet for scum”. I don’t feel like enough game play has happened here. Kind of null on all. 

Gata. Null on you at the moment. I didn’t like the push to replace Verb but I also don’t think you’re scum for it. 

Crush- slight town lean because of his play with Spoot. But I still didn’t like the way D1 ended.

pretty much all I have. This seems to be a very slow game so far and I feel like the inactivity isn’t helping sort this out. 

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