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Storage Wars Mafia


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1 hour ago, Nolder said:

Deadline games have an upside too.

I thought the good would outweigh the bad.

I may have been wrong.

To be fair, a hybrid/hammer game probably wouldn't have increased participation too much. People just didn't really want to play. It's a shame.

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On 1/28/2019 at 12:27 PM, Nolder said:

Sorry for the anti climactic ending.

what did you all think of the auction system I made?

I think it was pretty cool but you counterbalanced it with awkward deadline suckitude , so null 

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5 minutes ago, Nynaeve said:

Maybe I'll go with an alcoholic mafia game.... since we all seem to need a drink.

Where everyone is some kind of booze. And whoever gets hungover dies... lol  lightweights beware.... yes I'm talking about you, 80 😛

I like alcohol 

And nyn 😊

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