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Deep Draft for Wide Receivers - Jets need.

Tony The Wiz

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  Watched over 250 games and will be watching the all star games and I have to say this is a really deep draft especially with OT, DT, Edge Rushers and Wide Receivers.  I have at least 8 receivers who have 1st round grade and could expand that to even more after combine. But I am going to add three more.  11 First round grade is amazing.  Leading this group is  A. J Brown out of Mississippi followed closely by Kareem Butler -Iowa St. and Marquis Brown out of Oklahoma.  Right behind them Kelvin Harmon out of North Carolina St. and N'keal Henry out of Herm Edwards Arizona St.   A,.J  Brown is a burner and a deep threat and Kareem Brown is 6:6 and 230 lbs and is perfect for NFL. Catches balls over the middle and takes contact.  Marquis Brown needs to get bigger since he is very light. If he wasn't he could of been the number 1 receiver. He is cousins with the Steelers Antonio Brown.  Kelvin Harmon catches everything thrown to him but we need to see his 40 time at the combine. But at 6:3 215 lbs he has real good size. But his hands is his strength.  Now Nkeal Henry who some same is the number 1 receiver. Why he is not mine? He takes plays off but when he don't at 6:4 225 lbs he has it all. Fast enough and makes receptions every way possible. 

 So those are my top 5 but there are another 5 that if not early to mid 1st rounders like these 5 could go later in the 1st round.  Lets start with David Sills out of West Virginia.  Was a QB recruit who is still learning but he has hands and is so clutch  You want to get a third down pass reception. He is the guy.  At  6:3  205 lbs he has the height but needs to get stronger. But no replacing this guys heart.  My next guy is someone I really haven't watched too much since he played for Northern Arizona but when I watched one game and seen highlights he could be a star. He could be the best receiver in this draft.  His name Emanuel Butler.  He is 6:4 225 lbs and speedy and great hands. If it wasn't for his QB getting injured real early in the year his numbers would of been crazy since this QB has NFL potential.  He is my riser.   The next receiver who has a guaranteed 1st round grade is  Deebo Samuel out of South Carolina. One word ELECTRIC !!!   He is 6:0  205 lbs and fast and shifty and great hands. He also is an incredible kick off return artist.   These are my 8 wide receivers who could go anywhere in the top 24 picks. 

  I have a bunch of receivers who could bolt in the first round. Here is my list.   Antoine Wesley - Txeas Tech........  Riley Ridley - Georgia  ........   Miles Boykin - Notre Dame .......Dillon Mitchell - Oregon.   Paris Campbell - Ohio St. .      All 5  of these players could move up and i do like them.  But for me I see them in the 2nd round.   Wesley needs to gain strength but has great length at 6:5. Same as Miles Boykin who has a better width plus height at 6:4  225 lbs.  I watched many games since I am a Notre Dame fan and Boykin just needs to separate better.   Now Dillon Mitchell, Paris Campbell, and Riley Ridley are all similar. All three are about 6:2 and quick. Dillon and Paris had the best stats since they both had a top 5 QB to toss it. Not that Georgia QB is not as good but they play a different game. Ridley may be the best route runner between the three.   But again these 5 may edge up to a first round grade after the combine.

The three receivers that I am moving up to first round grade are Stanley Morgan, Jr. of Nebraska, Lil 'Jordan Humphrey of Texas, and Tyree Brady of Marshall.  Morgan is not the son of former Stanley Morgan fame but he may be better. He is that good. Two straight years with 1000 yards or near with a bad QB. That is remarkable.  He is quick and speedy with good hands and he is 6:1 200 lbs.  I really like him and he is a mover up the draft as well. 

Humphrey is the most surprising receiver in this draft.  He was not supposed to be the best receiver on his team since Collin Johnson was supposed to be. But every time I watched him another big play was achieved by him. Was it the Big 12 or was he that good. I say both. His numbers was 86 receptions and nearly 1300 yards and 9 TDS with Collin on the team.  Wow!! 

   Now on to Tyree Brady of Marshall. Almost same stats as Morgan but a different player. Who does he remind me of?  Well a better version of another receiver I predicted would make the Jet roster 5 years ago as a late pick and predicted he would be a good receiver.  That player Quincy Enunwa.  Tyree Brady has wonderful size at 6:3 210 lbs. He actually plays bigger and separates when needs to from a cornerback.  And it seems like the ball sticks to his hands  Maybe this Brady could be ours.    I have reviewed 11 first round grade and 5 right behind them This is an incredible receiver draft. This could even be deeper than the 2014 NFL receiver draft. I reviewed those prospects on this board and said that was probably the best 15 to 18 receivers I had ever seen in one draft. 

  So there, these are my 11 who right now have 1st round grades with 5 right behind them.  That is a total of 16. Now you want to know how deep this draft is. There are about 10 more that could move up.  Imagine wrs on this list I haven't reviewed. There are other truly wonderful receivers. 

Some like the best receiver in the Mac conference in Anthony Johnson  6:2 210 lbs. Why he is not on my list. He didn't show up in the two biggest games.  And than we have the two best receivers in the Mountain West. The first, Keesean Johnson  6:1  200 lbs.  Yeah spelled different. The combine will be important to him. Hands are great but needs to put up a good 40.   The other is Preston Williams of Colorado St..  His stats 96 receptions, 1345 yards and  14 TDS.  Wow again !!  You see what I mean. The guy has numbers like this and his size is 6:4  210 lbs.  On this list is Mecole  Hardman of Georgia.  How good is he? Not only is he a speedy receiver but a great returner. Did we see his potential at an offense that the run game was first.  And another player that lost value is Emanuel  Hall of Missouri. Why?  Injured most of the year.  Some draft analysts has first round grades on him.  When he is healthy he could be dynamic.  And lets talk about a New England possession third down master in Clemson's  Hunter Renfrow.  You want to get a first down on a third down pass.? Than draft this guy.  And my next to last guy who is just Mr. Dependable and does his job is West Virginia's Gary Jennings.  Another receiver who has size at 6:1 215 lbs.  He had a little injury problem at the end of year but still had 54 receptions, 917 yards and an impressive 13 TDS. The year before he had 97 rec, 1100 yards but 1 TD.  So he was more explosive this year.  And my final guy is this receiver I was watching the division 1 sub division championship and I noticed this receiver from Cal Poly.  I was incredibly impressed and I go find out he is one of the top receivers in their league. You be hearing from this guy in the future. His name Keelan Doss. Incredible hands and goes over the middle . No fear and takes the hit. He is also 6;2 and 210 lbs so again has size. This draft has so much size with speed.      

So there you go.  But before I go here are other wide outs that could surprise you   Two on the same team and low profile are Old Dominions  Travis Fulgham and Jonathan Duhart. Check these guys highlights.  Both 6:3 and about 215 lbs may be the surprise of bowl games and combine.  Others like Tyrone Johnson - Oklahoma St. and  Terry McClaurin -Ohio St. has much more exposure. Both are explosive. Same as D. K Metcalf who should of stayed in college since he could of been a top receiver next year.  But my biggest surprise could be a player who didn't play up to his talent this year. But when I watched his Bowl Game he was a one man wrecking crew.  His name  XAVIER UBOSI.  He has great size at 6:3 and 215 lbs. His stat this year were 35 receptions with 837 yards in 13 games. Dumbfounding !!!  because this included his bowl game which he had 7 receptions with 237 yards and 3 TDS against a good Defensive team in Northern Illinois. The same team that shut down Anthony Johnson of Buffalo who some draft experts have as a round 1 receiver in their Mac championship game.  So after finding out there was a late QB change on South Alabama this had to be the reason that this receiver wasn't putting up numbers. He reminded me of Terrence Owens.  WATCH HIM IN THE DRAFT.  Could be a steal.   

      And finally lets not forget the best small guys who are small but fast. Guys like the Chiefs scat back slot receiver Tyreek Hill.   I have two receivers you have to check out who are like this. Wake Forest Greg Dortch at 5:9 175 lbs is this kind of player. 89 receptions and near 1100 yards in 2018.  Explosive in the receiving and the Return game.  Watch this guy highlights. He was out for their bowl game and was well missed.  The next guy has a great name and I watched a few of his games in the MAC conference and this is Papy White.  What a pain this guy could be to an opponent. At 5:9 180 lbs he is fearless. Again another player with great stats for his size. He had 61 receptions and just short of a 1000 yards. 

   So Jet fans we will be looking for a few receivers in the draft and this was the perfect year to draft a few studs.                 












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