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Rebuild the Jets in 7 moves


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Kudos for the breakdown. 

Fowler and Paradis def have to be the top two targets in FA just b/c of the teams biggest needs and the high likelihood that the Jets can actually bring them in. Austin and J.Miller would be sneaky good signings as well. I agree that Skine has got to go but doubt the Jets will pry the Honey Badger away from Houston. I wouldn't be surprised if the bring back Mo C. and try to groom P.Nickerson to be the Nickel back.  

I have no doubt the Jets will go aggressively after Bell but I'm not confident he will come here regardless of how much we pay. If the jets don't get Bell I would stick with what we have or draft a RB in the late 3rd-4th round. I know jet fans hate the lack of star power at RB. But Id much rather roll the dice in the draft then overpay for a FA RB that's not a gamechanger.  

Lets assume the Jets DON'T get Bell. For the record, it would be a tough pill to swallow, especially if Macc went out there and offered him whatever he wanted. However, the Jets would have that much more cap room to fill gaps at other positions. 

And if the Jets aren't able to get Bell they could spread that money further to add another receiving threat like M.Bryant or K.Benjamin, both players that will probably hit the market. As well as getting a legitimate OT. The most realistic target would be someone like J'James  or T.Brown. If you think about the money we'll miss out on paying Bell, we can overpay both James/Brown and Bryant/Benjamin.

If the Jets are able to rebuild the O-line with Paradis, James/Brown and J.Miller and add two receiving weapons in Austin and either Benjamin or Bryant, it would completely change the production they currently get out of their RBs and open up Darnolds passing game tremendously, maybe more so than having Bell there as a safety blanket.


Just looking at how these changes would address the positions of need makes my mouth water lol   

WRs: R.Anderson, Enunwa, T.Austin, K.Benjamin/M.Bryant, Burnett, Roberts 

O-line: T.Brown/J.James, J.Miller, M.Paradis, Winters, Beachem/Shell

*Note: I'm assuming the Jets let Carpenter walk and cut Long. I also have a feeling that if the Jets feel confident Shell will make a full recovery and can win the starting job at RT, they may want to cut their losses with Beachem. Beachem has been a flot signing by Macc but one silver lining is that Macc put in a safety valve in 2019 that allows him to cut Beachem with a relatively low cap hit clearing around 8mil in overall cap space.  

Defensively it should be interesting to see which players Williams will decide to re-sign, as the Jets have a lot of free agents. H.Anderson, J.Martin, Attaochu, McLendon, and Copeland. Adding Fowler as a pure Pass Rusher would be a critical upgrade and give the Jets more options as far as who to keep and who to let loose. As always, the draft will also influence the decision making as it is top heavy with defensive line and pass rush talent.  


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