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Why is Namath handing the Lombardi trophy to the Pats?


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Just now, The Crusher said:

Revis won one with them. 

Yes another embarrassing moment for the Jets. “All time great Jet Darrell Revis won a Super Bowl in his only year he was a New England Patriot, other than that he had a bunch of great seasons with the jets”

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Love that Joe is out there. You know I wish they brought Joe Namath on in bigger role with team. Do they pay him as ambassador  or anything?

If not or if so - give him bigger role. I wish we saw him more. He seems to be off the drink and I love to see him and hear Jim talk. His real quick underdog speech was great 

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2 hours ago, WickedAwesome said:

It was meant to symbolize the Jets organization groveling before our sixth championship in abject submission.

Yeah but youse are still mostly all inbred up there.  I always get a kick out of how totally strange it is for this California guy who the NFL wants as its face and wants him to stay looking like a male model, doing his work in that sad, busted up town.  Might as well work on Mars.

It's just a strange thing in so may ways.

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