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Chimp Pimps BAFM game thread!

Crushers fat gut

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43 minutes ago, The Crusher said:

I actually went to DM because Ape was stranded their locked out from here. Nyn rescued him. I looked up the Pirate and he hasn’t been at DM since like last year. Hope he is ok. 

DPR? In my experience he usually disappears for a year, pops up and plays for a bit, then disappears again.

I'm sure he'll be around before Christmas 2020.

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13 hours ago, Nolder said:

I'm not sure how I should feel about that.

The correct answer would be "yes please".


7 hours ago, Krak said:

Hard Claim: Verb's Mom

Hi Mom!


4 hours ago, deckerfan said:


I LOL'ed at this, well played.

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official BAFM vote count

 CTM- gata (1)

80- stark, verbal (2)

jiF-CTM (1)

 Stark- spoot (1)

Verbal- Nyn (1)

Decker- 80 (1)

 nyn- Nolder, Decker (2)

Twelve alive and seven to lynch. Deadlines are for cowards.

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