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Chimp Pimps BAFM game thread!

Chimp the Pimp

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Just now, JiF said:

Actually; you went from VT, to role fishing for Doc, to claiming you didn’t actually role fish, to then pump faking a role, the then finally revealing the role you were role fishing for.



Lol. My god. Clearly you’re honed in on me. 


Not saying anything else after this to you. Now you get bonus because your also going to lynch the doc. 

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1 minute ago, JiF said:

Why me?  

My guess is your scum. Pressing and trying to hurry up and get me lynched. Not seeing if it’s uncountered. 

Town JiF can be very confident but is usually not so “tunnel visioned” just to make a case. 

Have fun with the gimp Vig 

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17 hours ago, JiF said:

First off, I laid out a case on Stark and not a single person said a single word about it.  Nothing.  He didnt even defend himself.  It's weird but common that this game doesnt follow the most proven scum hunter.  So it's not going anywhere and then I noticed my company voting Stark was paint chip boy.  Which is concerning.

I then looked at who currently has votes.  Spoot is voting Decker.  Quite lazy.  I could vote him but that seems like another wasted effort.

CTM is hitting all his town tells for me right now.  My guess is he's vanilla town and disinterested.  If CTM had a fun role, he'd be more engaged.  He's kind of a little princess like that when he doesnt get a strong role. 

I have votes but I'm big dick swinging townie so that's pointless.

Then there is you.  Your "casing" seemed superficial.  And I kind of smell what CTM is stepping in with you derailing the lynch.  

I'd be down to vote Spoot or Stark but those seem like a waste of time since nobody is actually putting in work or listening to the best player in the game, so it's natural to move to you at this point.

I think I missed it. Can you tell me about which page it is?

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