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Patriots Draft Situation For 2019


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1st Round: Own selection.

2nd Round: Bears (56th overall); Own selection.

3rd Round: Lions (72nd overall); Compensatory pick (Solder); Compensatory pick (Butler).

4th Round: Own selection.

5th Round: Compensatory pick (Amendola)

6th Round: None.

7th Round: Browns (Josh Gordon trade); Eagles (draft pick swap from 2018); Own selection; Compensatory pick (Fleming)


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The Patriots usually trades out of the first round and get more picks for next year. But if they need to fill a position they would use that pick for what they need. As for the rest of the rounds, they usually are trading up or down in the draft for what they need.

This is one of the reasons why the Patriots are never active in the free agent market or sign big contracts to free agents. They are usually replacing players through the draft.

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Just now, rangerous said:

it's also what you get with a successful team.  look at all the players they were able to trade for a draft pick higher than their original draft position.

A GM with brains and a coaching staff that is above and beyond the rest of the NFL = Patriots success. 

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