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New York Jets Free Agent Candidate: WR Adam Humphries

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4 minutes ago, CrazyCarl40 said:

Excuse me but have you not heard of our lord and savior Deontay Burnett!!?? (Sarcasm)

Burnett catches EVERYTHING, does not turn 22 until next October. And he's CHEAP! Let's develop some of our own guys for a change! Burnetts quick, runs great routes & catches the ball. If we sign Bell & get a bigger, faster outside WR, fix the Oline so Sam has time, defenders will have the entire field to cover making it even easier to get open over the middle. Herndon should make a huge leap too & become a weapon that needs to be covered.

Jets lacked options last year, Quincy was hurt, Anderson was doubled, and our running game went straight down the toilet in the 2nd half of the season. Look at the Patriots in the 2nd half, the running game actually hid Bradys slight decline. Hell, if we could give Sam the running game the Patriots had in those 2 playoff games & the Super Bowl, he could win a championship. 

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17 minutes ago, JiF said:

I actually used the word "invested" vs. spent.  But I see your point and my still remains; go cheap and get warm bodies at every position that's not on offense.

They can find their DE at #3.  That's the way this draft is shaping up anyway.  I know there are a few edge rushers out there but once the dust settles with resigns and franchise tags, that pool will dwindle. CB - just bring back Mo for a year.  The D is done.  Force Mac to play his draft picks and expose his incompetence even more.

Now go surround Sam with all that money.


Oline is numero uno! When Sam had time which wasn't often he zipped passes right on the money. And think back to how many damn 3rd & longs that poor guy was in after we ran up the gut twice for -2 yards. 

If you put it into perspective that Sam Darnold had the best QBR in the league in the last 1/4 of the season it foretells exactly what you are saying regarding surrounding him with players. I think this is a 2 year rebuild but I see no reason why Williams won't have this defense be more aggressive if we can get some nice leads with our offense. I want our Oline fixed, I want Bell, I pray for a tradeback where we get a #2 and take the best WR on the board, maybe a Deebo Samuel (literally a Golden Tate clone), AND DRAFT another RB that falls to the 3rd! Let's find our Hunt this draft! I agree with you, I'm ok with D 1st round but I want 85% of free agency & every draft pick after #1 to be offense! Pats proved KCs defense SUCKED but they still got to the AFCCG. 

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1 hour ago, BurnleyJet said:

Build the line, Trent Brown, sign this guy he dominated Joey Bosa. Von Miller raves about him, He's 25.

Sign Matt Paradis, gives you option to either sit or trade back at #3.

I'm all for these 2 signings. Instant upgrade & allows us to go BPA in the 1st & 3rd. If we can sign Brown & Paradis, we can go pass rusher at 3 (Josh Allen?), and use our 2 thirds for WR & best Guard. 

Its a lot of money, but a trio of Bell, Trent Brown & Paradis is a huge upgrade on offense. With just those 3 free agent signings, the Jets could go into the draft & use the veteran free agent bargain bin to fill out the roster.

Probably about 36 million cap hit for those 3 or more depending on if they front load a Bell contract. 3rd round is perfect for drafting Guards/Centers. 

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