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New York Jets Free Agent Candidate: WR Adam Humphries

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According to overthecap.com, here is the current spending by position:

Team QB RB WR TE OL Offense DL LB S CB Defense
TOP 12 21.86% 5.98% 24.94% 9.91% 37.31% $92,854,336.50 31.98% 27.04% 18.70% 22.28% $68,333,800.50
AVE 24.04% 7.11% 23.27% 9.20% 36.38% $86,864,145.34 34.51% 26.52% 16.17% 22.80% $72,518,364.31
BOTTOM 11 24.99% 10.30% 21.87% 7.53% 35.31% $75,932,588.18 38.13% 26.33% 14.22% 21.33% $72,127,382.18
JETS 17.13% 15.67% 14.49% 3.65% 49.06% $40,140,854.00 30.81% 27.22% 16.32% 25.65% $64,066,474.00

More evidence of the trend in the NFL to spend on offense.  The average of the top 12 playoff teams outspent the average of the bottom 11 teams by $17M.  I was thinking that the top teams had a franchise QB that they are paying for hence the success but the bottom 11 teams allocated more money toward the QB position than the top 12.  Even without the Eagles at $133M, the rest of the playoff teams would have still outspent the bottom 11 by $14M. 

The Jets are in a great position with a rookie QB and a solid developing TE.  This would allow them to spend heavily on the OL and WR.  The Jets already allocate enough to the RB position.  $11M for a slot receiver (heavily utilized in Gase's offense) and a couple of premium O-lineman.

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52 minutes ago, Jetster said:

Oline is numero uno! When Sam had time which wasn't often he zipped passes right on the money. And think back to how many damn 3rd & longs that poor guy was in after we ran up the gut twice for -2 yards. 

If you put it into perspective that Sam Darnold had the best QBR in the league in the last 1/4 of the season it foretells exactly what you are saying regarding surrounding him with players. I think this is a 2 year rebuild but I see no reason why Williams won't have this defense be more aggressive if we can get some nice leads with our offense. I want our Oline fixed, I want Bell, I pray for a tradeback where we get a #2 and take the best WR on the board, maybe a Deebo Samuel (literally a Golden Tate clone), AND DRAFT another RB that falls to the 3rd! Let's find our Hunt this draft! I agree with you, I'm ok with D 1st round but I want 85% of free agency & every draft pick after #1 to be offense! Pats proved KCs defense SUCKED but they still got to the AFCCG. 


Oline should be the number one priority and they just need to throw more often on first down.  If they can get a good RB that teams need to load the box for (i.e. Bell), they could throw more often on 1st and not end up in these 3rd and long situations.  https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/for-a-passing-league-the-nfl-still-doesnt-pass-enough/.  

Didn't want to paste the entire article but basically says:

The biggest culprit is first down, the most traditional run situation. It’s here where NFL coaches are consistently missing an opportunity to pass, particularly against defenses that have stacked the box or are playing at least seven defenders close to the line of scrimmage. I’m calling these situations FANS — First (down) Against Neutral or Stacked (boxes). FANS includes plays in which the defense brings extra men close to the line of scrimmage, clogging running lanes and daring the offense to run the ball. I analyzed plays from the 2017 season using men-in-the-box data from analytics firm Sports Info Solutions and play-level data courtesy of Ron Yurko, a Ph.D. student in statistics at Carnegie Mellon University. To more accurately represent regular game play and eliminate noise, I limited the sample to snaps outside the red zone when the opposing teams were within 7 points of each other.

With seven to nine men near the line of scrimmage and the subsequent dearth of extra defenders in the secondary, we’d expect passing to be effective in these situations. That’s just what we found. Last season, 30 of 32 teams were more successful passing than running on FANS as measured by success rate.2 And passing wasn’t just a little more successful than running. The difference in passing success was large: 27 teams had a success rate that was at least 10 percentage points higher when passing on FANS than running; 14 teams were more than 20 points better. The league average difference of 19.3 leaned wildly toward passing.

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