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New York Jets Free Agent Candidate: WR Adam Humphries

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Haven't read the thread, and will assume the consensus is the guy is a good slot receiver we should go all in for. I disagree. My problem with him is not his talent, but the priority of spending cap money a player like him. Bell is my priority #1. He upgrades the run and pass game more then anyone out there. He is a must sign for this team. Next priority should be a ER or OL. Slot WR is not high on my list, I'd be happy with Burnett getting a long look there. We need to develop from within somewhere and I think this can be done here with him.

We have way too many needs to fill in a single offseason, and slot receiver should not be one we pay a premium price to fill. Its nice to imagine every "name we know" can be signed, but I'd rather get a C and G then one Humphries at the same price. We should concentrate on using both the draft and cap money on our glaring needs. The OL was horrible and simply cannot remain that way with a young QB now on board. Same with our ability to put pressure on the opposing QB. We are lacking there also, and Williams should have a voice if he thinks he sees a player available to help with it.  

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