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New York Jets Free Agent Candidate: WR Adam Humphries

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18 hours ago, JiF said:

Julian Edelman turns 33 next season.  The Pats should probably drop him when you think about it.

Antonio Brown turns 32 next season.  I wouldnt touch him if he was free of cost!!! 

Julio Jones turns 31 next season.  I wonder if the Falcons wise up and go younger!

AJ Green turns 31 next season.  I wouldnt take him for a 6th round pick. 

But if Eli Rodgers wants to come to NYC, I'd roll out the red carpet. 

Football players are no good after 30 unless you're running a glue factory.

The way to develop a young QB is to surround him with the least-experienced players possible, because if they pan out beyond expectations then their careers will be longer than a 31 year-old geezer. 

How dumb are you that you can't do these easy maths?

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