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New York Jets Free Agent Candidate: WR Adam Humphries

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1 minute ago, JiF said:

They're going to have more than 100mil when it's all said and done and they should have plenty to build around Sam.  And if not, then go bargain shopping on D and the areas where we need a warm body.  We've already invested a ton into that side of the ball and the D still sucks, so leave it be.  Spend on weaponz and OL because again, you cant put a price tag on Sam's development. 

My offseason plan is simple; sign Bell, sign 1 or 2 of: Tate, Humphries, Crowder, Beasley, Williams. Sign a C and G.  Draft pass rusher at #3 and offense the rest of the way; OL, WR, RB...all of it!   Find cheap warm bodies for the rest of the holes.  Hopefully Mac can actually hit on a few draft picks for once which would aid in this roster construction as well.  

Dont over complicate it.  Investing in Sam is all that matters.  They're not winning the Super Bowl next season.  They'll have another offseason to continue to add and another after that before we really see a competitive team.

#Mac's 7 year plan.

I think they are going to have to spend fairly big on at least 1 CB and 1 EDGE type -either OLB or DE who will presumably play DE in this system.

Saying they have spent big on D and it still sucks doesn't mean they don't have to field a team.  They spent big on the secondary, but all that is left at CB is Trumaine Johnson, Parry Nickerson and Derrick Jones. That is like sayng they spent on O line because they paid Long and Clady. 


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10 minutes ago, JiF said:

I actually used the word "invested" vs. spent.  But I see your point and my still remains; go cheap and get warm bodies at every position that's not on offense.

They can find their DE at #3.  That's the way this draft is shaping up anyway.  I know there are a few edge rushers out there but once the dust settles with resigns and franchise tags, that pool will dwindle. CB - just bring back Mo for a year.  The D is done.  Force Mac to play his draft picks and expose his incompetence even more.

Now go surround Sam with all that money.


Fair enough, but signing Claiborne and the #3 overall will probably amount to a fairly large expenditure on D.  

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