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Anyone planning on watching the AAF ? ( AAF merged)

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7 hours ago, The Crusher said:

1) This is NY Jets forum. Nothing here is relevant.

2) The future is ahead of us. I miss Dexter McDougle as much as the next guy, but we must learn to move on.

3) Jets are basically a magnet for mediocrity. Making this is a sad yet modestly relevant point. 

4) Coaches what? Stop now your scaring the children!

Welcome to Jetnation home of the AAF. 

If you like I can move all the AAFstuff to the others sports forum. This way you can spread out and stuff. 



I'll throw my .02 in, I'm a fan of having an AAF thread in the forums. This is an exciting way to scout talent, no different than a thread about college prospects. If these were moved to a certain sub forum (kinda like the draft forum) I'm far less likely to engage in them. 


Not to mention the discussion about potential new rules that the NFL could benefit from, I think there are a lot of valuable talking points.

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2 hours ago, flgreen said:

Yep, I do

I honestly think there will be no football in 2021.

Vince is betting $500,000,000 on it.  I think in the end he looses, but I honestly don't think there will be an NFL presentation in 2021.

Just when the Jets, and Browns are going  to be relevant .

BTW, kind of think it's Immature to  make a post about an obvious typo, but if that's all you've got, I'm good.  :) 

I agree we are headed for a lock out for sure. Maybe the NFL is building this D league to supplement the rosters during the 2021 strike. NFLPA wants to hold out and not sign "okay well we have a bunch of hungry players to hold us over until you agree to the new terms"

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