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Here's a deep cut for you-- Devon Johnson who popped a little collegiate bowl. Worth keeping tabs on during drills at Indy


  • LT/ OT  – Devon (Bo) Johnson
  • School: Ferris State
  • Height 6’7  
  • Weight: 320 lbs
  • Projected Forty – 5: 25                
  • Projected Reps at 225 –  30
  • All Consensus All American     
  • Played in NFLPA Collegiate Bowl Now Invited to NFL Combine.


Johnson is an intriguing OT prospect that went from a small school onto the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl. Now because he impressed scouts  from almost every team, he has been invited to the combine in Indy next month. A four year starter for Ferris St and was the GLIAC Offensive player of the year  as part as one of the Nations best OL units in 2018. Be able to add his combine numbers to the report after the combine. One of my favorite sleepers not only as a OT but overall.  Can find his interview from draft diamonds done previously by searching his name.

In The Run Game

Comes of the snap smoothly with speed  outstanding bend technically sound blocker grabs defenders between the shoulders ragdolling them out the picture.  Ridiculous athletic prowess engaging defenders on the move getting his hands out moving bodies. Knees arms stay bent the whole time beastly strong blocks are fueled by his enormous size & power. Elite aggressiveness at finishing blocks. Johnson can take a edgerusher & manhandle him to the turf.  

In The Pass Game

Good flexibility agility for a big guy in pass blocking a lot to like about big Bo. Comes off the line quickly, fluidly, hips look extremely oily for a 6 ft 7 OT. Loose natural movement skills pass blocking gem. Johnson engages quickly some of the best lateral movement i’ve seen of OT’s of his size or any size in any draft. Feet moving knees always bent throughout the blockhead is always in the game. Knows where his QB is at all times protects him like his only daughter. Castes a wide net  keeps a deep pocket not easy getting around big Johnson. Head stays down upon engagement his long reach strong hands always getting to the defender first locking him down. Swallowing up pass rushers like a 2 piece & a biscuit. Really gets after it in a hurry a LOT on every scouts radar now he’s going to the combine.  Could be a plug n play OT from jump street. OG/OC – Darrell Brown


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The Jets had the QB from Ferris State, Vander Laan kicking around for a couple of years.  He was the NCAA QB rushing leader and converted to TE.  I think they had another guy from Ferris too.  It used to mean some kind of connection when teams had a few guys in from some smaller schools, but I guess now everybody scouts everywhere and Ferris State has sent a few guys to NFL camps, though I'm not sure any put up stats.  Seiler was drafted by the Ravens in the 7th last year. 

I think there is a decent chance that the Jets eventually end up bringing in Tavierre Thomas a 2018 UDFA special teams CB that got run for Williams in Cleveland last year.   Right now the Browns have him signed cheap, but those kind of guys tend to bounce around with the coaching change. Bonus, he wore #27

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